Monday, October 3, 2011

I have been quite obsessed with smurf

Starting to play the app after I watch the movie and until now my village has grown like this:-
*shown in the pic below*

And since I've started I couldn't stop playing it, become something that makes me rely on subconsciously everyday, like an addiction..

And until today I just know that we can have our smurf name, not sure how the website does it; and mine is cupcake smurf, not quite macho or cool like Hacker smurf or giggle smurf... but I kinda like it after realize the real meaning after it hah <3

So just record this down, cause this is quite important: on the 3rd October 2011, I have another name call

Sunday, April 17, 2011

the fairy tale

when we were young,
we were told that, the big bad wolf engulf the grandmother
and lied to little red riding hood that it is her grandmother

what if the truth is,
the big bad wolf were already killed by the grandmother,
and she were pretending to be the big bad wolf
to lure little red riding hood to be aside her?

We can't trust the fairy tale,
we can't trust the people around us,
we can't even trust ourselves....
what we can rely on, maybe is just a little bit of this

that bring us to a stage of sober
to see everything clearly

*to those who care, pls, let me know u are worthwhile to trust*

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I have been exposed to the darkness lately
where you open your eyes,
and you are comfortable with everything u see
even though it's plain darkness

but seems like the only safe place,
where u can put everything u have inside the darkness
and be safe to your friend
and yourself


Friday, December 3, 2010

I need to replicate the number of brain cells i have

so that i can be smarter

(okay i already sounded dumb enough to make this statement)

But i feel that I'm greatly sidetracked from my studies
ever since I graduated from high school.

College has always been my playground,
so most of the time I was just playing around
without taking anything seriously
and this semester i think the time i spent in Gurney is more than i spent in classes

All these have to stop
I felt like a blonde asking idiotic question
when it comes to academic related stuff
like "do fish get thirsty?"
or "how much milk is there in Milky Way"

and if i don't do something on it,
my brain cell might die Alone (if you get the joke; and no offence to blonde)

I was having hard time to balance study and the part time work,
but now I've quit my job
I really need to fully settle down to study
to actually feel the pressure in Advanced Diploma life
that people always taking about
and achieve some kick-ass result.

I believe once we acquired knowledge and wisdom,
we could equipped ourselves better in the work field later;
maybe it won't guarantee us a well-paid job
but at least we have some advantage
a better chance to bet

* feeling all pumped up after finish Rick Riordan's latest novel
Heroes of Olympus - the Lost Hero *

So i will turn into nerd-ish look soon xD

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life sucks, and then you die

ya, i wish it was that simple ....

Life sucks

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's about finding your position in this world

It's about finding your position in this world,
try to fit in
and play your part well.....

But sometimes, you just don't have the authority
to play the part
you adore the most