Friday, December 3, 2010

I need to replicate the number of brain cells i have

so that i can be smarter

(okay i already sounded dumb enough to make this statement)

But i feel that I'm greatly sidetracked from my studies
ever since I graduated from high school.

College has always been my playground,
so most of the time I was just playing around
without taking anything seriously
and this semester i think the time i spent in Gurney is more than i spent in classes

All these have to stop
I felt like a blonde asking idiotic question
when it comes to academic related stuff
like "do fish get thirsty?"
or "how much milk is there in Milky Way"

and if i don't do something on it,
my brain cell might die Alone (if you get the joke; and no offence to blonde)

I was having hard time to balance study and the part time work,
but now I've quit my job
I really need to fully settle down to study
to actually feel the pressure in Advanced Diploma life
that people always taking about
and achieve some kick-ass result.

I believe once we acquired knowledge and wisdom,
we could equipped ourselves better in the work field later;
maybe it won't guarantee us a well-paid job
but at least we have some advantage
a better chance to bet

* feeling all pumped up after finish Rick Riordan's latest novel
Heroes of Olympus - the Lost Hero *

So i will turn into nerd-ish look soon xD