Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I hang out with my cousins

It's been quite some times,
since i spent some quality time with my cousins,
cause i've been working every weekend...

so on last Saturday,
they asked me out for a drink
and catch up.....

So we went D'Joint after i worked
and we drank
more than "a drink"

we had :-

1 750ml black label

1 tower of Heineken

2 bucket of Tiger

3 shots of

2 shots of Tequila

and we went ti~~~~~~psy =)

XW, rachel and lishan XD

Me and rachel

Wei and rachel

Me, rachel and Lishan

Rachel, Wei and Lishan

Rachel and Lional

PS. Lional has some authority at D'Joint
and he treat us all for the "drinks"
Thanks Lional XD

Wei and the Heineken Tower

XW and Lishan *rfrf*

Me and rachel acting cute

After we finished all the drinks,
things got a bit complicated...........

but we did enjoyed the night =)

seems like alcoholic drinks
are sources for me to be happy
being tipsy was wayyyyyy awesome
no wonder got ppl call them "HAPPY JUICE"

and now,
im addicted to SHOTS

lemon drops
Buttery Nipples
Jello Shots
Three Wise Men

gotta try them all *shy*

call me alcoholic or what so ever
"like I'd care" XD

LIFE is about ENJOY
till the last second....

still addicted to LMFAO - Shots

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I made my choice

Life is about making choices,
and making the right one.

Lately this topic has been stirring again,
followed by the release of STPM result,
and the end of my diploma.

we keep wondering, which route will lead to a brighter future?
we hope to choose the correct path,
but only God knows which one is the right one.

Two years ago,
I choose to let go of Matriks
my teacher still call me mad until now;
and sometimes i really wonder
"what will my life be now if i've chosen Matriks?"

yeah, probably i will be studying Medicine,
or engineering.
these hot and popular courses which people regarded as
a stepping stone to a bright future.
Being a surgeon sounds like a good idea for me,
saving people's life from day to day.

yet now i'm still in accounting now,
doubting my ability to continue the misty road ahead.

Let's not make this about me only,
friends around me,
are having doubts in deciding their future too.
some choose a safer road,
decide to take degree before proceed further;
some took the bizarre one,
decide to go forest study;
and others who have higher financial ability,
decide to go far abroad.

Two years ago, we were given a chance to choose
in pursuing our further study.
there are people took the wrong turn,
and let go the golden opportunity.
there are some seems to be on the right track.

Two years later, we are given another chance to choose again
how magically life can be,
there is always a second chance.

Hopefully we all made a correct decision,
we will see the result in time.
wishing we all best of luck.

Despite that,
choices not only lies in academic field only.
we LIVE to choose.

we choose to be a good person, or a bad person;
we choose to tells the truth, or tells a lie;
we choose to live everyday happily, or emo everyday;
we choose to face the reality, or live in denial;

too many choices, too many diversion
too easy to pick the wrong one
and fall too deep you couldn't get up.

On the 16th day as I turned 20,
Janus offers me to choose between 2 doors
I embrace my past,
I made my choice.

to let go a crack that will never be fixed,
to cherish those that has never abandoned me,
to finish what i have started,
to stay out of the crowd,
to continue my life in the island,
and took a little adventure.

I won't regret,
even it might be a wrong turn that leads to no where.
but i'm happy with my choices.

Don't regret
cause when you started to regret,
and look back what you might missed,
the "what if" will strangle you,
make you stay while everything else move forward -
and you will be the only one stay and live in the past,
going no where else.