Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

Went praying when the clock strikes 12

on the 1st day of

Chinese New Year

then went for movie at gurney in the afternoon

did some traditional stuff that we always did on

Chinese New Year

taking pics at toilet @_@ hahah

still at toilet LOL

Watched 72家租客


taken after the movie

Went to Kek Lok Si later on at evening time
and jammed like hell


the last activity to wrap up our 1st day of CNY was...

he didn't puked into the ice container fyi XD

we have lots of fun

and hopefully more to come?


wishes everyone




Valentine's Day

there was this pit

told and passed by generations....

once we've met it,

we won't be stepping upon it;

we fall into it....

at the beginning, it was full of joy:

- sweetness and happiness has surrounded this pit

makes us fall deeper and deeper

like the lotus eater

indulged by it

and unwilling to get up...

but once we gravitate intensely

the pit doesn't feels like a candy house anymore;

it transform into something poisonous

we taste bitter

we feel jealousy

we shed tears

we experienced anger

it doesn't seems lovable anymore

this sugar-coated pit has metamorphose into something evil

every strand of sweetness are like morphine, cocaine

makes us become addicted....

yet the aftermath has brought us more pain and sorrow

In the end,

this process keeps on going


and going...

we were not like we used to be anymore;

the wise man before he fall

has became a junkie

crave for a glimpse of pleasant from the pit every single day

despite the misery and anguish comes right after it.....

the worst part is

the uprising took months, years

even though you have successfully relinquish it,

scars remain...

and there are thousands of them scattered along the path ahead you

what is this pit named?


Happy Valentine's day

to those who emerge into the right one

for those who still submerge in it,

good luck in evacuating...

as for those who never fall in it before,

you may consider to do so,

for this is a hell lots of experience