Saturday, June 5, 2010

Its not a right tine to be Emo

The 3rd week of my advanced diploma had passed.
still trying to adapt myself,
to see new faces around the same old building,
while the old faces are still lingering
around every corner in the college.

anyhow, with my lovely classmates
spreading stressful aura around me
i think they have motivated me in some way
to be more hardworking than i used to be.

But this is disorienting some times,
i couldn't do
couldn't act
couldn't talk
couldn't think
like i used to be.
it's like some part of me is missing.

sorry that i've let you down,
and disappointed you >.<
i will try to balance out everything
and bring out the best of me;
as a good friend should be.

- - - - - - - - -

the rain still drizzling outside,
memories still stirring inside the house,
and the track list keep on playing the same song.


this is not a right time to be emo

the story of departing for 50years
but in the end still be together again - against all odds
by the call of Destiny
doesn't happen from day to day.

at some point,
we will have to say goodbye to each other
we will have to stop caring about each other
we will have to lost contact with each other
and few years later,
we shall walk pass each other on the street
like total strangers.

we just have to let go.

the important part is the memories that stays behind.
the happy moment we shared with each other
that still gives you a hearty smile,
warms your heart every time you reminiscing it;
that's the only thing matters.

"what" and "if" are just 2 ordinary words
but putting them together
is a much more powerful word.

what if
what if
what if

it can trap you in an endless void.