Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm such a pain in the *ss

It's Mother's day today,
On the 1st 30mins of Mother's day,
I had my mum helped me pushed my broken car
along the street

Hell of a Mother's day treating;
What a terrible son I've been...

I thought about buying some exquisite present for her
to make it up.

But after she told me about grandma,
and everything else happened lately,
I know she doesn't want any fancy present.

I'm 20 now,
but still avoiding responsibilities.

I didn't do any chores,
or wash the dishes,
not even buy my own meal..

Every time i got my paycheck,
I will spent them ALL on MYSELF
Fulfilling my own shopping list
when I'm out of cash,
I get help from her

Some people grow up from time to time
but definitely not me
I'm still like a baby
rely everything on mum

Now she's got to take care of grandma,
and my family
I think is really time for me to act as my age
to really take care of myself
and the whole family.

I think i will get my mum a responsible son
as a present this year.
and this present will serve her well
from today onwards
until he gives out his last breath.

Happy Mother's Day, Mummy